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Legislation | Case Law


Last updated February 16, 2010

General Rules of Indian Country Criminal Jurisdiction Apply, No State Jurisdiction


Wyom. Const., Art 21, § 26

No Public Law 280 or similar legislation

Case Law

In re General Adjudication of All Rights to Use Water in the Big Horn River System, 753 P.2d 76 (1988), aff’d by equally divided vote sub nom. Wyoming v. United States, 492 U.S. 406 (1989)

Vialpando v. State, 640 P.2d 77 (Wyo. 1982)

State ex rel. Peterson v. District Court of Ninth Judicial Dist., 617 P.2d 1056 (Wyo. 1980)

Blackburn v. State, 357 P.2d 174 (Wyo. 1960)