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Cooperative Agreements

Title: White Mountain Apache—Memorandum of Understanding Involving White Mountain Apache Police Department and Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies
Parties: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Law Enforcement Services (OLES), White Mountain Apache Police Department, Navajo County Sheriff’s Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety, White Mountain Apache
Date enacted/published: November 18, 2002


The MOU establishes the Fort Apache Safe Trails Task Force to address major crimes committed on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation that fall under FBI jurisdiction. Key provisions include:

  • Outline of the organizational structure of the task force, including how much personnel each agency will supply.
  • Requirement for all members of the task force will be federally deputized.
  • Decisions to prosecute in tribal, state, or federal court will be based on discussions among all of the interested jurisdictions.
  • The FBI will retain day-to-day and administrative control of the task force.
  • Requirement that all law enforcement action will be coordinated among the agencies.
  • The FBI will pay for some operating costs. Otherwise, each agency will fund its own expenses.
  • Addendums includes a Cost Reimbursement Agreement and a Resolution of the White Mountain Apache Tribe of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation authorizing the MOU.