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Cooperative Agreements

Title: Electronic Home Detention Agreement
Parties: Yurok Tribe and Humboldt County
Date enacted/published: March 2012


This agreement lays out the terms of the Humboldt County Sheriff's agreement to offer an electronic home detention proggram (EHDP) to minimum securty inmates and low-risk offending Yurok tribal members involved in the Humboldt County criminal justice system.  The tribe agrees to provide the infrastructure, equipment and administrative oversight of the program through the Yurok Tribal Court.  Highlights of the agreement:

  • The euipment monitors curfew compliance and alcohol consumption
  • Time spent in the electronic home detention program qualifies as mandatory jail time
  • The County Sheriff has sole discretionary authority to permit program participation
  • Superior court can recommend individuals to participate to the Sherriff
For additional information contact:
Chief Judge Abby Abinanti
Yurok Tribal Court
Klamath Tribal Office
190 Klamath Blvd.
Klamath, CA 95548
Phone: (707) 482-1350
Fax: (707) 482-0415